Solid Cedar Wood Casket

  • Full Couch
  • Natural Gloss
  • Beige Velvet – Champagne Linwood
wood caskets

Solid Cherry Wooden Casket

  • Full Couch
  • Colonial Lustre
  • Rosetan Velvet
wood caskets

Buy Wood Caskets in Florida

Wood caskets were once the most popular choice for the interment of a lost loved one, but that trend was quickly overshadowed with the manufacturing of metal caskets. While metal caskets dominated the market for many years, their wood counterparts were not far in the shadows, and have become quite popular once again, especially in recent years. These wood creations are gaining popularity for the exquisite, natural appearance they can provide. Wood offers a look that is often completely unique, and the selection of earth tones offered by the material is nothing short of heartwarming. While many of the models are available featuring traditional shapes and accents, there are quite a few that exhibit breathtaking carvings and details. Just like any casket, the models feature both half-couch, and full-couch lids, and are adorned with gorgeous interior beddings, often made of crepe or velvet. The exteriors offered are finished to show the natural patterns in the wood, or may even be lacquered for a bold, rich tone or glossy shine. The traditional handlebars offer ease of handling, and the perfect final touch to what will be a befitting final tribute to a truly loved individual.

We provide variety of wood casket in Florida at an affordable rates and with the topmost quality. We only use high quality wood for our caskets. Our selection of handmade wooden caskets for sale includes; Mahogany Caskets, Cedar Caskets, Oak Caskets, Cherry, Walnut, and even Pine Caskets. These are all solid wood caskets. We do not use veneer wood on any of our burial caskets.

Unlike metal caskets, wooden caskets do not make an air tight seal when closed so you may want to purchase a sealed vault when you are preparing for the final resting place of your loved one.