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Funeral Checklist

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Funeral Checklist. Things you will need.

Provide the following information to Vital Statistics about the deceased:

Birth date
Father’s name
Mother’s name
Social Security #
Veterans Discharge or claim #
Marital Status
Obituary information (the funeral home will usually write the article and submit the article to the newspapers)
Education (College degrees)
Memberships held
Military Service
Outstanding work
List of survivors in immediate family
Give time and place of service
Addresses of all people who must be notified
Arrangements for out-of-town visitors


Casket Store
Funeral Home
Relatives and Friends
Insurance Agents
Union and Fraternal Organizations


Cemetery Property
Funeral Service
Thank You Announcements
Time and Place for Funeral
Time and Place for Visitation

In addition you will want to:

Find someone to help answer sympathetic phone calls, cards and letters, as well as greet friends and relatives when they call.
Decide appropriate memorial to which gifts may be made (church, hospice, etc.)
Prepare list of distant persons to be notified by letter or print notice and decide which to send.
Check promptly on all debts and installment payments, credit cards. Some carry insurance clauses that cancel balance upon death.
Check carefully all life and casualty insurance and death benefits, including social security, credit union, fraternal and military.
Notify utilities and landlord and tell post office where to send mail (if deceased was living alone.

Funeral Planning News

The Different Types Of Caskets For A Burial Event

Sending off a loved one to rest in peace is never an easy thing to do as there is always a lot of emotional pressure involved, exhaustion, and confusion. Buying a casket or coffin is a major aspect of making funeral arrangements, and it perhaps also happens to be the biggest purchase for the burial event. Given the nature of the situation, most people make funeral arrangements with a mind that is not necessarily rational. To avoid such, here is a list of the different types of caskets in Orlando, FL.
Metal caskets
The metal caskets are mostly made of bronze, copper, or stainless steel. They are also priced depending on how much weight they have per square foot. These caskets are also differentiated by their thickness. Oversized caskets Since obesity is a worldwide epidemic, there has been an increased demand of oversize casket going up to 51 inches, which are known as the Goliath casket. These can work pretty well for oversized bodies.
Wooden caskets
Most caskets are made from hardwood such as oak, mahogany, cherry, cottonwood, ash, walnut, elm, maple and poplar. If you cherish the beauty and warmth of natural wood, you may want to have a hand sculpted, high glossed, and polished wooden casket to give that visual appeal. Jewish caskets Jews have a special kind of burial container; they require it to be as simple and natural as possible without having any kinds of metal. Pine coffins compared to the other different types of caskets are the best fit for Jewish funerals, hence should not contain any fancy handles or ornate fittings. Cremation caskets These are for holding the deceased’s body during the service prior to cremation. It can either be simple and inexpensive or expensive, all together. If you are looking into buying a casket, you now have some options to choose from the different types of caskets. Contact Casket Gallery & Cremation Service for more information on what they have to do. 

The Wisdom In Hiring Professionals For Funeral Arrangements

Death may be part of life but it is arguably the hardest one to accept, especially if the person leaving is loved dearly. Unfortunately, whether you are ready for it or not, you will have to carry out funeral arrangements if you are a guardian of somebody who passed away. Without a doubt, the same would be difficult to do on your own. During such trying times, your best option would be to hire professionals to handle the funeral arrangements. Below are some of the top reasons why it is wise to do so:

They have the experience and capabilities to provide the best options and advice – there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when planning a funeral and even if you have the sanity and energy to carry this out, it is almost impossible to get everything right. There are a lot of important details that you can miss unless you have the experience. If you want everything on-target, better leave the work to professionals. They will help you go through the grieving process – the death of a loved one affects you emotionally and psychologically. In order to get through this ordeal, you should have the time to mourn and grieve.

How can you do the same if you are busy taking care of everything?

Hiring professionals will relieve you of this burden and give you enough time to recover. They will help you focus on what is most important – so many things are going on after the death of a loved one but you should be wise enough to focus on what is most important; that is being with family. If you can pass on some of your responsibilities to capable people then you should do so. The reasons provided above are enough to help you make the decision of seeking funeral assistance from professionals when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one. For funeral arrangements and similar services, you should immediately coordinate with the caring and skilled people of Casket Gallery & Cremation

Preparing Your Own Funeral

Everyone will leave this earth eventually, but the subject of death is so taboo that most people do not want to talk about it. However, there are those who are okay with the idea of death and actively prepare their own funeral to avoid leaving this burden to others.

But how do you prepare for you own funeral?

Below is a basic guide on ways you can take away the stress of your death from your loved ones by taking preparations into your own hands. To begin, you will need to decide how you wish to be buried.

Do you want to be placed in a casket or be cremated?

If you wish to be placed in a casket, you will need to choose one that you like. Caskets come in all shapes and sizes as well as materials such as wood and steel, plus colors. Take a look at caskets located at the Casket Gallery & Cremation Service of Florida to see what you might like. If you choose cremation, you will need to decide on a container such as a vase to hold your ashes for loved ones. You must also consider the actual service.

Do you wish to have a viewing and then burial service?

If so, you can work with a funeral home to set up plans as to what you wish to see take place. You can handle all the small details such as music and photos so that your family has less work to do with your passing. The funeral home will be able to assist you with what steps you can take to ease this burden from your family. It may seem morbid but many family members appreciate others taking matters into their own hands and planning funeral services.

Planning Your Own Funeral; What You Can Do

Planning your own funeral may seem a bit morbid but it actually takes the strain and heartache from your loved ones. As we age, one begins to consider funeral expenses and what they might like to see take place. Taking time to plan out aspects of your funeral will take away some of the burden from loved ones and will give you peace of mind knowing you will be laid to rest as you see fit. Meet with Funeral Home To begin, you can meet with a local funeral home and discuss your options. Many funeral homes offer planning options for the living so that you can choose what you would like, from cremation to casket and the actual funeral itself. You basically go through the process of funeral planning as you would if you were no longer living. It may sound odd but it is a common practice and something that can save money for your loved ones in the long run. Many funeral homes will offer payment plans or you can pay a large sum to be used for your funeral when you pass. Choose the casket you would like or urn if being cremated as well as have plans for music, flowers, etc. Talking with Family Members If you do plan on taking care of your funeral services, it is recommended that you let your family members know of your plans. They should know that you have taken care of plans as well as payment, if you have done so. This way, your family knows that you have taken care of what needs to be done so they do not have to focus on this hard part of losing a loved one. Such companies as Casket Gallery & Cremation Service of Florida make it easy for funeral planning. Feel at ease working with professionals in the funeral industry to provide peace of mind when handling your own funeral planning or that of a loved one. 

Ease The Stress Of Planning A Funeral

Ease the Stress of Planning a Funeral Death is an unfortunate and inevitable part of life. There is simply no way around it. It is a painful process and on top of the emotions that can be physically and mentally crippling, a mountain of tasks starts to pile up. The loss of a loved one is stressful enough. Beyond dealing with the estate and other legal matters, there is speaking with funeral providers, deciding on which funeral home or cemetery to use, deciding whether or not cremation is the best option and if not, picking the perfect casket. It becomes an overwhelming labyrinth of tasks to navigate. And it becomes quite costly. Even though everyone you deal with seems to genuinely care, it’s a maze full of businesses trying to make money. So, who can you trust? What are the most economic options that don’t sacrifice in service or product quality? If you are in Florida, Casket Gallery & Cremation Service Inc. is here to help. We want to make this process as easy as possible for those left behind. We’ll provide you with a funeral checklist so that you can easily keep track of everything that needs to be arranged and all of the vital information that you’ll need to have on hand. And whether or not you choose our products or services, we’ll patiently answer all of your questions. We give you a list of funeral providers in your area and help you with cost comparisons between the different cemeteries. Take advantage of our years of unique experience to help guide you and relieve a great portion of the stress involved with all of the planning and arranging after the passing of a loved one. You’re not in this alone. Casket Gallery & Cremation Service Inc. will help you take care of everything. 


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Did You Know…

  • The Federal Trade Commission has ruled that a funeral home cannot require you to purchase a casket or urn from them, nor can they charge additional fees because you buy from a retail casket store, like Casket Gallery of Florida.
  • If you inquire in person about funeral arrangement, the funeral provider must give you a General Price List that itemizes the cost of funeral services offered.
  • You do not have to buy goods or services you do not want, or pay any fees as a condition to obtain the products and services you want.
  • The casket can be the most expensive part of the funeral.
  • By providing your own casket to the funeral home, you save a major portion of your funeral expenses.

Why do funeral homes charge so much?
Because they CAN!

Since the consumer is basically ignorant of price structures in this industry, the funeral homes and cemeteries feel they can charge virtually whatever they wish. Would YOU know what to ask??

Neither would 98% of our citizens.

That’s why Funeral Consultants and Casket Stores are so valuable. You now have options.

“The only things certain are death and taxes”

The difference being, you EXPECT to get ripped off on taxes!

  • Per recent study, the average funeral cost around $8500.
  • Funerals are the third-largest expense most families face(cars & homes).
  • Most people will spend more time and care buying a used car costing half as much as a funeral.
  • No one goes into a dealer and says “Give me whatever you think I ought to have just make it nice.” yet this is exactly what many families do at the funeral home. Just knowing what to ask, what to say, and who to call can save your family 50% or more on funeral services, burial plots, monuments, and as much as 60% or more on a casket

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