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Funeral Products and Cremation Products

Please choose form the drop down menu to browse a selection of the funeral products and cremation products that we offer. We specialize in serving the Orlando, Central and Florida area. We have competitive pricing and will ship funeral caskets, cremation urns, flowers and any other of our products to you promptly. We care about your needs.

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Choosing Between Wood and steel Caskets

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Choosing Between Wood and steel Caskets Metal and wood are the two main types of caskets. Nowadays there are also green ones, made from natural, more biodegradable, products. However, the majority of people still go for either metal or wood. It is important to look at the factors you need to consider when choosing between the two. A casket is more than just a rectangular container. It often serves as the focal point of the ceremony. It may be designed to honor the departed. Therefore aesthetics may play a role in the choice of coffin and the materials used to make it. Wood Caskets Wood affords the conventional look of a coffin, and is considered to have more personality than metal coffins. Those sentiments are probably more likely to be held by those who have an affinity for natural products. There are different types of wood varieties. Each type of word has its own aesthetic personality. The main types of wood varieties may include, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Oak, Mahogany, amongst others. When buying a wood coffin, you can choose the type of finish you want. Some are highly polished, while others have a satin finish. Steel Caskets Steel caskets may vary in thickness and also style. The main advantage of steel is that it can be sealed to ensure no outside elements can get into the coffin. The sealer around it, is stronger than that on a wood casket. If you are looking for unique personalization features, steel is one of the best choices. Steel coffins come in many different colors and finishes. You may choose between standard steel and stainless steel. Standard steel is more affordable. Stainless steel is considerably more expensive, it is more durable. Casket Gallery offers a wide range of caskets to choose from. Other than Wood and metal caskets, we also have baby caskets and even pet...

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The Casket Gallery & Cremation Service Company

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The Casket Gallery Company is a well renowned company that offers burial services ranging from cremation to cemetery and funeral caskets. With years of experience this company has gained credibility over time through offering quality services for burial. Fully licensed and authorized this company carries its services in accordance to the set standards by the authority. Below is an in-depth look at the services offered and the standard of these services.  Your burial services can be carried out by professionals who are not only intimately familiar with burial requirements but also who have accurate attention to details ensuring that your loved one is given a great send-off. Services include: Cremation services are provided and they usually come at discount rates. In-home conferencing  Life insurance is taken into consideration and you are allowed to use it to pay for the burial requirements. Free transport of caskets to funeral homes or burial destination             There is a wide variety of caskets for you to choose from. Caskets are not only made for people, you can also give your cherished companions- pets the kind of burial they deserve by burying them in caskets. Caskets range from steel caskets, hardwood caskets, cremation caskets to semi-precious metal caskets and pet caskets. With years of experience Casket Gallery Company is fully equipped with deep expertise to provide exemplary services in a timely, professional and cost effective manner. You can now make a more informed choice to give your loved ones the kind of great sendoff they really deserve.        ...

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