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Quick Tips for Funeral Planning

By on Jun 4, 2016 in funeral planning |

Funeral planning is not a fun activity for people, but it is unavoidable. The price of the inevitable adventure is rising as time goes by and most bereaved families are struggling to send off their loved ones with a decent service. Casket Gallery & Cremation Service provides you with the best funeral packages and also advises you on how to go about a funeral service. Here are some guidelines to help you while planning for a funeral service.

Compare Prices

Funeral homes offer various packages at different prices. You should first shop around and evaluate the costs to find the affordable funeral service. You can call several funeral homes and ask for the general price list that entails all the charges.  Ensure that information such as transport, care of the body, as well as the casket prices are all listed.

Go for a Direct Burial

Just like any other type of business, funeral homes are also in the market to earn money. Very few will tell you that a direct burial would be the best option. It is also the least expensive because you will save cost on body preservation and visitation. Normally, the body is buried soon after death, and there is no need to organize for a funeral service.


Cremation is fast gaining popularity in the modern world. With this service, you save money in casket purchase and graveside burial ceremony. The remains are usually taken straight from the funeral home to the crematory. You can choose to keep the remains or scatter the ashes in the river or ocean.

Going Green

You can also lay the remains of your loved one on the ground without vaults, metal caskets, or embalming. This will help you avoid embalming costs as well as dressing the body in cotton garments which do not biodegrade. You will just be required to cover the body with plain sheets and return it to the earth as naturally as possible.