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Casket Gallery & Cremation Service Is the Best Place to Find Burial Merchandise

By on Aug 18, 2017 in funeral planning |

Casket Gallery & Cremation Service Is the Best Place to Find Burial Merchandise
For sixteen years Casket Gallery has been serving the community and offered the largest assortment of caskets and cremation urns in Florida. Owned by retired military veteran Bobby Thomas, Casket Gallery has the mission to provide best service and lowest prices possible to customers when they need burial merchandise. Everyone who had to arrange a funeral knows how stressful and expensive it is, and with Casket Gallery you will find all help you need to save your nerves and your money.

The Largest Selection of Caskets and Cremation Urns
In Casket Gallery, you can find a variety of caskets and cremation urns that will satisfy everyone’s taste. When you select the type of casket, you can also choose from multiple colors available. This is what Casket Gallery offers to the customers who want a steel casket– 20-gauge steel non-gasket caskets, 20-gauge non-steel and non-gasket caskets, 20-gauge steel-gasket caskets, 18-gauge steel non-gasket caskets, and 18-gauge steel-gasket caskets.

If you want a wood casket, which is quite popular again in recent years, you can choose one made from solid cedar, solid cherry or a pine. In Casket Gallery, you can also find baby caskets and pet caskets made from steel. And if you want a cremation urn for your loved one, Casket Gallery is the right place with the best offers. Here you can find urns made from genuine brass in a variety of beautiful designs, and for an affordable price.

The Best Cremation Service in Florida
There are a lot of different reasons why someone wants a cremation, and Casket Gallery’s cremation service provides the best affordable services for those who desire non-traditional funeral. Casket Gallery is licensed to do direct cremation service and it is available 24 hours a day. They can also offer you pet cremation service.

The Best Funeral Arrangements
If you want a piece of mind for you and your family, the best choice is to leave the funeral organization to Casket Gallery. They will provide a list of funeral homes and cemeteries for your approval and get you all cost comparison. They will give you all answers you need, help you to shop wisely and guide you through the steps to successfully arrange the funeral.