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Reasons Why Cremation Is Becoming More Popular

By on Dec 22, 2015 in Cremation, funeral planning, Funeral Planning News |

It’s no secret that cremation has been growing and many families are actually considering it. The life expectancy has been growing upward in the US and today, a person can expect to live more than 80 years. That’s good news, at least for now. What about if you die, what happens to your body? A cremation service provider in Orlando, FL can offer a helping hand during those trying moments when a loved member of the family dies.  Here are the reasons why families and individuals are opting for cremation.


The changing religious landscape

In the late 1950’s, only very few people chose to be cremated when they passed. Today, the number who are cremated has risen. More people are declining to be involved in what may be called organized worship. There is less social pressure put on them to do things they feel burdening. Many people are going away from these religious ties and trying to have choices that favor them. This is one reason why cremation has become nore acceptable in the society today than before.


Cost effective way of saying bye to the deceased

Cremation is cost effective when compared to cemetery service. There is no need for expensive caskets or land to bury the deceased.  Cremation is simple and allows the family to reduce the cost of saying bye to the deceased.


Personal preferences and choices

People are able to dispose of the ashes in strange ways or the way the deceased wanted. Often, before people die, they would say what should be done with the ash when they are cremated. The family also can decide what to do with the ash. Their options are many including making ink using the ash to create memorial tattoos on skin or burying it in backyard. You may have the ash mixed with paint and used to create a memorable portrait of the deceased.


Reduce the burial cost of the deceased by opting for cremation. At Casket Gallery & Cremation Service, you may have your cremation organized by professionals to ensure you have an easy time during those difficult moments you have lost your loved one.