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Creative Ways to Memorialize a Loved One You Lost

By on Dec 25, 2015 in funeral planning, Funeral Planning News |

Grief is something you go through when you lose a loved one. Grief can tear you down or even make you more focused. When a person you loved passes away, you can decide to be creative in the way you remember him or her. While there are simple things you can do to honor a departed loved one, you also want to make sure you get through the trying moments by seeking help of funeral and cremation service in Oviedo FL. These are creative ways you can memorialize a deceased loved one during Memorial Day or throughout the year.


Writing an elegy talking about your loved one

When you talk of an elegy, it may be a poem, free verse, or rhymed verse that laments losing a person. It tells the world things such as why the deceased was special to you. An elegy may end with some statement of hope as you seek comfort in grieving the loss.


Take the clothes of loved one and make a quilt

You can be creative by wrapping up in a blanket when you feel like you’re missing your loved one. It will give you that hug you used to get from the departed loved one. Creating a no-sew or quilt blanket using the clothes of the person makes you establish a connection and find a way to deal with the grief. You may borrow ideas about the design by visiting Pinterest or crafting sites.


Plant a memory tree and garden

You may create a garden or plant a memory tree at the back yard. In the garden, you may design a bench where you can always go to reminisce or reflect about the loved one. When you plant, water, tend, and care for the garden or tree, you’re paying tribute to the life of that person. In essence, you are celebrating the days you were together.


People who have experienced profound losses of loved ones navigate fear and bareness of grief in different ways as they honor the memory of deceased loved one. There are no grief experiences that are the same though denial, emotions of sadness, hope, and grief tend to be universal. You may want to contact Casket Gallery & Cremation Service to find out how you can prepare to send a deceased loved one to rest in peace.