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Cremation – A Way to Peacefully Depart with Our Loved Ones

By on Dec 18, 2016 in Cremation |

Losing a loved one can be the hardest thing anyone can encounter. But most often we want them to go with full respect and with the needed distinction they deserve. One way of giving this to them is provide them with an immemorial memento that they can have while still physically present here on earth.

While burial is the common way to lay our loved ones to rest, cremation is becoming a more accepted way of saying farewell to them. Cremation has some inherent benefits than using the old traditional way which requires an amount of time and investment.

More than anything, cremation is less expensive than the traditional burial. With traditional burial requiring caskets and a burial plot, cremation however requires nothing more than a beautiful urn where the ashes of the departed can be kept. Also it is mandatory for a traditional burial to have funeral services which additionally costs some money. Cremation just needs a columbarium niche in the cemetery where the ashes can be laid.

Also, cremation saves land use. This can be true as with the traditional burial, a cemetery can be filled with caskets, although nowadays, it can be typical for families to bury their loved ones in multiple cremation urns and rest them in one columbarium. Cremation also does not require the elaborate ceremonies that are often necessary for the traditional burial so it can be much simpler.

Cremation is also becoming a preference for most Americans because it is a quick and clean way of disposing a body which can be reassuring for most people. It is a more dignified way of saying farewell to our loved ones than the traditional concept of a body slowly decomposing underground in a casket.

Though most people does not exactly know why they would prefer to be cremated, but it is becoming a preference than the traditional one.

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