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3 Considerations to Make when Picking a Cremation Urn

By on Nov 23, 2016 in Cremation |

After cremation it is necessary to have an urn where the remains of the deceased will be placed. But a cremation urn is more than just a container. It is a lot like a casket in that it is a vessel that is sometimes meant to serve as a symbol of the deceased life. For a longtime the urns you’d find in funeral homes were pretty much the same. However, recently there has been a wide variety of urns that are designed for people looking for something unique to honor their loved ones. Size The size of the urn is one of the first considerations you’ll have to make. The correct size of the container can be determined by calculating cubic inches against the weight of the deceased in pounds. Each pound corresponds to cubic inches in that a 200 lb person would need a container that is 200 cubic inches in size. Some funeral homes and online dealers will have an urn for adult sizes. The adult size is a standard container that is 200 cubic inches. The standard was determined by Cremation Association of North America (CANA). Material There are many different materials that you can choose from and they range from ceramic, glass, wood, and metal. Ceramic is one of the most popular because it is ideal for personalization. It can be formed into many different shapes and sizes. Glass offers a unique and elegant option but it can be fragile. Metal is ideal for those seeking a durable or modern urn, while wood is the best choice for those seeking a green option. Style and Customization Often, people would want to honor their loved ones with an urn that is designed to commemorate the life of their loved ones. There are ready made options that have different designs for sports fans, veterans,...

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