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Casket Gallery And Cremation Services Helping Your Family Through Hard Times

By on Dec 1, 2015 in Cremation, Funeral Planning News |

At Casket Gallery and Cremation Services we want to provide you the best services available. We aim to help you take care of your loved ones and we are always patient with all of our customers. Our mission is to provide you with all your informational needs and to help you make the best choice for your burial merchandise.  Casket Gallery and Cremation Services is owned and managed by Bobby Thomas. Bobby is a retired military veteran who will always work with you through all of our services, from choosing a casket to our showroom in Orlando or at your home. We are always here to help you through this process.   Cremation: Many of our customers don’t know which route to choose: cremation or burial. However, at Casket Gallery and Cremation Services, we are here to answer all of your questions on our cremation services. Many people choose cremation for ample reasons. Some customers feel it is more eco-friendly, as it saves land since a casket takes up a lot of our earth. We have had some customers who feel it is less emotional than a burial. Others, have found cremation was the preference left behind by their loved one. Other customers simply follow this as tradition from their previous family members. After a cremation is completed, the choice of what to do is up to our customers. The remains may be scattered in a special place, kept in an urn, or placed in an urn. Casket Gallery does offer cremation urns which are available for purchased and optional. Direct cremation is a cremation of the body without a formal viewing or visitation prior to the cremation. Casket Gallery and Cremation Services is licensed in the State of Florida to perform this...

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By on Nov 25, 2015 in Cremation, Funeral Planning News, Obituaries, Pet urns |

Casket Gallery and cremation services Florida is a one-stop shop for every of your burial needs. If you are looking to give your departed loved one a befitting burial, you should check us out as we provide the best burial services in Orlando. We have several quality casket collections from which you can choose.  You will also find the best cremation urns in Orlando with us. We are ready to assist you in taking charge of burial proceedings for your loved one. We are a foremost casket dealer in Orlando and we offer a massive casket line covering every category of casket needs and financial situations. We provide everything from hardwood caskets and semi-precious metal caskets to  steel caskets and pet caskets, all at affordable prices. We are a duly registered casket company in Florida and you can visit our casket store in Orlando for consultations, pricing, and more. We have been offering the best funeral arrangements, funeral planning, and cremation services in Orlando to hundreds of families for 14 years. So, we realize the sensitivity of the tasks at hand and we go through every process with the utmost care and compassion. We also offer free in home conferencing and counseling for every client and we because we are a veteran-owned business, we also provide specific services especially special services for military services. Apart from offering the largest collection of burial caskets in Florida, we handle all the running around and delivery in the most professional manner and leave no room for errors. Casket Gallery offers free casket delivery services to local funeral homes in central Florida and Orlando. We will also help to deliver your casket to any funeral home or mortuary anywhere within the United States. We are also quite the expert on cremation matters and we offer the best cremation services in Orlando at very discounted...

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Casket Gallery and Cremation Services

By on Nov 18, 2015 in Funeral Planning News |

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, the last thing on your mind is making appropriate funeral arrangements.  Whether your loved one had specific final requests or you are left to make these arrangements after they are gone, it is not an easy process.  Let Casket Gallery and Cremation Services ease your burden.  We have compassionate, knowledgeable professionals who can guide you through the process of planning and carrying out your loved ones home going ceremony with grace and thoughtfulness. Our funeral consultants can help you find the right funeral provider for your needs.  We will answer all of your questions and help you determine which funeral provider is right for you.  It can be a confusing and painful process to make final decisions for your lost loved one, and Casket Gallery can help untangle the web of conflicting and perplexing details that accompany funeral planning in Florida.  We can help with cost comparisons of both funeral homes and cemeteries, provide a list of local funeral providers, and decode the unfamiliar processes that occur during a funeral and burial to help you understand your options. We will provide a complete funeral checklist to help you make decisions, keep up with all your responsibilities and obligations, and direct your planning to cut down on stress and hassle.  Many times, family members or friends will offer help, and this checklist gives you ideas for things that others can assist you with.  You can’t do everything on your own, and having a list of items others can do will ease your load. At Casket Gallery and Cremation Services, our goal is to make the funeral planning process in Florida easier on you and your family.  Our empathetic professionals know the situation is not a comfortable or stress-free one, and we want to provide you will all the support, compassion, and comfort we...

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Funeral arrangements

By on Jun 3, 2015 in funeral planning |

Funeral arrangements can be very challenging to the family of the diseased because they may be overwhelmed by the grief due to loss of their beloved one. And this is why it is important to hire a casket gallery that will not only sell you the casket but also assist you in other services such as funeral arrangements. It is also cost effective to get various services under one roof. This gives the family an ample time to mourn for their beloved as well as concentrate on other issues.  Caskets come in various designs therefore customer needs to be aware of what they really want. Some of the material used in making caskets includes metal, hardwood, steel and these caskets also come in varying sizes. The material used, design and the interior and exterior finish of the casket is what determines its price. It is also important to note that different casket dealers, apart from selling the casket, they also offer addition services for the benefit of their clients. Here are some of additional services that you can also get from a casket gallery:  Funeral arrangements The company is dedicated to assisting the family in the whole process of funerals arrangements. You will not even need to go to their office because they can still contact them on through their website, or call them. The Funeral Hearse  Go for manufacturers that will offer you more services within your budget. Casket gallery companies are now embracing the fact that many people now want quality services and stylish funerals events. And this why they are upgrading their hearses and buying new and classy fleet!  Financing  When you lose a beloved one you need a casket dealer company that will not only be after business but also mourn with the affected. A good casket gallery should especially help you in managing your finances by giving you best alternative plans and other flexible ways of financing the ceremony.  ...

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Styles of Pet Urns With the Five Most Used Urns

By on Apr 2, 2015 in Pet urns |

People that decide to have their ailing or sick pet cremated can and should plan to purchase the urn while the pet is still alive. This is basically a decent approach to get ready for the inexorable. Ordinarily veterinarians have a pet-cremation administration, however there are stand out or two styles of urns. If this won’t suffice, Casket Gallery & Cremation Service has other options available to you. Wood Pet Urns  The most well-known kind of urns is the wood pet urn, and there is very much a determination of these in which to pick. There are the conventional oak wood urns, that have space on the top for a rich engraved plate, and afterward there are cedar wood urns. These wooden urns come in various shapes and sizes, contingent upon your pet’s weight, are the way you focus the size to buy. There are likewise pet photograph urns, which permit the holder to place a photograph of their pet-companion on the front of the wood urn.  Ceramic and Stone Pet Urns  Ceramic and stone pet urns are excellent and come in various styles and sizes. They likewise have various distinctive hues and some have various hues going through the urn. These are regularly much heavier than the wooden assortment and have customary urn shapes, pooch house shapes, hearts, boxes, and pyramids, to give some examples.  Metal Pet Urns  The metal assortment offers plain outlines, heart molded with stand, and customary shapes in numerous lovely hues. Some of these metal pet urns have amazingly point by point craftsmanship on the outside that is just shocking and absolutely, something you would be pleased to show if you choose to keep your pets cinders with you.  Glass Urns  Glass urns, while they are phenomenally wonderful are the most fragile, so on the off chance that you plan to buy the glass assortment, guarantee you have some place to keep it to guarantee it can’t be thumped over by different pets or kids. A considerable lot of the glass urns are greatly thick glass, which ensures them in the occasion they were to fall, yet could chip. The glass assortments are genuinely dazzling and come in numerous shapes and sizes.  Extraordinary Pet...

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