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By on Feb 7, 2016 in Cremation, funeral planning, Funeral Planning News |

  When we lose a loved one, it is a sad but much needed task to deal with the aftermath. Fortunately, the Casket Gallery & Cremation Service is available for you to lessen this burden. Please let the Casket Gallery & Cremation Service provide you with the direction and service you need to properly handle the treatment of your recently passed loved one. The longtime experience of the Casket Gallery & Cremation Service addressing the matters of properly dealing with and addressing these passed loved one’s with dignity cannot be understated.   You can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with the highest respect throughout the entire preparation for their eternal life. The Casket Gallery & Cremation Service has a great deal of experience in these matters and they are very sensitive to your needs during this time. You can expect to speak to caring and empathetic representatives who will help you every step of the way to properly honor and dignify your passed loved one.   Clients of the Casket Gallery & Cremation Service are already under a great deal of stress having suffered the loss of a beloved friend or family member. At the Casket Gallery & Cremation service, they are very much attuned to the stress you are under and only seek to relieve you of some of that by offering you their service. It has time and time again proven to help move you though these difficult times into a better condition.   Sometimes these stressful times come when there is less than the optimal amount of money available to pay for expenses. The Casket Gallery & Cremation service has a plan for you, whatever financial condition this time of crisis finds you in. Please let the good folks at the Casket Gallery & Cremation Service help you get through these rough times today!  ...

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3 Reasons to Decide on Cremation

By on Jan 22, 2016 in Cremation, funeral planning |

Death of a loved one is too much to bear. Add to that are the funeral and burial costs that are without a doubt costly. Cremation offers a better option as it provides affordability, flexibility, and convenience compared to funeral and burial. Cremation urns can be stored or preserved at home. Moreover, the family can mourn in a much more personal way. Provide your loved one with the best service during his or her departure by choosing cremation. Cremation is more economical compared with traditional ground burial. Your family can save from high-priced funeral and burial costs as well as skip the process of embalming your loved one. More importantly, cremation urns are much more affordable than caskets. You can arrange a funeral or burial anytime. You can simply keep the ashes of your loved ones at home until such time comes that you are prepared for a burial or scattering. Many people love the flexibility that they get from cremation. You can be at ease with cremation because it can be arranged with just a single phone call. Urn provides more flexibility than casket. Ground burial ceremonies are commonly more complicated than cremation. With cremation, the urn is hand carry so it is easier to transport. You can also opt for a unique memorial such as planting a tree with the ashes, gets shot to the air through fireworks, or scatter the ashes in the sea. You can personalize the ceremony in a modern way. You can choose a disposition for your loved one’s memorial with cremation since it is a non-traditional type of burial. The Casket Gallery and Cremation Services can help you with specialized cremation and top quality burial merchandise. They are committed to reward your support with the superlative service and lowest charges possible. For excellent cremation services, check out Casket Gallery and Cremation Services. They offer professional cremation without hidden fees or...

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Casket Gallery & Cremation Services

By on Jan 1, 2016 in Cremation, Funeral Planning News |

At Casket Gallery and Cremation Services we want to provide you the best services available. We aim to help you take care of your loved ones and we are always patient with all of our customers. Our mission is to provide you with all your informational needs and to help you make the best choice for your burial merchandise. Our funeral planning services are available in Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Clermont, Winter Garden, Kissimmee, Casselberry, and Altamonte Springs.   Casket Gallery and Cremation Services is owned and managed by Bobby Thomas. Bobby is a retired military veteran who will always work with you through all of our services, from choosing a casket to our showroom in Orlando or at your home. We aim to be beside you along the way through this process.   Cremation: At Casket Gallery and Cremation Services, we are here to answer all of your questions on our cremation services. Many people choose cremation for ample reasons. Some customers feel it is eco-friendlier, as it saves land. Others feel it is less emotional than a burial. Some have found cremation was the preference left behind by their loved one. Some families prefer cremation for traditional purposes. After a cremation is completed, the choice of what to do is up to our customers. The remains may be scattered in a special place or kept in an urn.   Cremation Urns:  Casket Gallery offers a multitude of cremation and keepsake urns ranging in prices to suit your needs. All of our urns are also available for viewing in our Orlando Oviedo showroom location. We have urns in brass, pewter, ebony and rose colored to name just a few. Several of our urns have decorative effects such as hand-etched artwork, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and...

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Creative Ways to Memorialize a Loved One You Lost

By on Dec 25, 2015 in funeral planning, Funeral Planning News |

Grief is something you go through when you lose a loved one. Grief can tear you down or even make you more focused. When a person you loved passes away, you can decide to be creative in the way you remember him or her. While there are simple things you can do to honor a departed loved one, you also want to make sure you get through the trying moments by seeking help of funeral and cremation service in Oviedo FL. These are creative ways you can memorialize a deceased loved one during Memorial Day or throughout the year.   Writing an elegy talking about your loved one When you talk of an elegy, it may be a poem, free verse, or rhymed verse that laments losing a person. It tells the world things such as why the deceased was special to you. An elegy may end with some statement of hope as you seek comfort in grieving the loss.   Take the clothes of loved one and make a quilt You can be creative by wrapping up in a blanket when you feel like you’re missing your loved one. It will give you that hug you used to get from the departed loved one. Creating a no-sew or quilt blanket using the clothes of the person makes you establish a connection and find a way to deal with the grief. You may borrow ideas about the design by visiting Pinterest or crafting sites.   Plant a memory tree and garden You may create a garden or plant a memory tree at the back yard. In the garden, you may design a bench where you can always go to reminisce or reflect about the loved one. When you plant, water, tend, and care for the garden or tree, you’re paying tribute to the life of that person. In essence, you are celebrating the days you were together.   People who have experienced profound losses of loved ones navigate fear and bareness of grief in different ways as they honor the memory of deceased loved one. There are no grief experiences that are the same though denial, emotions of sadness, hope, and grief tend to be universal. You may want...

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Reasons Why Cremation Is Becoming More Popular

By on Dec 22, 2015 in Cremation, funeral planning, Funeral Planning News |

It’s no secret that cremation has been growing and many families are actually considering it. The life expectancy has been growing upward in the US and today, a person can expect to live more than 80 years. That’s good news, at least for now. What about if you die, what happens to your body? A cremation service provider in Orlando, FL can offer a helping hand during those trying moments when a loved member of the family dies.  Here are the reasons why families and individuals are opting for cremation.   The changing religious landscape In the late 1950’s, only very few people chose to be cremated when they passed. Today, the number who are cremated has risen. More people are declining to be involved in what may be called organized worship. There is less social pressure put on them to do things they feel burdening. Many people are going away from these religious ties and trying to have choices that favor them. This is one reason why cremation has become nore acceptable in the society today than before.   Cost effective way of saying bye to the deceased Cremation is cost effective when compared to cemetery service. There is no need for expensive caskets or land to bury the deceased.  Cremation is simple and allows the family to reduce the cost of saying bye to the deceased.   Personal preferences and choices People are able to dispose of the ashes in strange ways or the way the deceased wanted. Often, before people die, they would say what should be done with the ash when they are cremated. The family also can decide what to do with the ash. Their options are many including making ink using the ash to create memorial tattoos on skin or burying it in backyard. You may have the ash mixed with paint and used to create a memorable portrait of the deceased.   Reduce the burial cost of the deceased by opting for cremation. At Casket Gallery & Cremation Service, you may have your cremation organized by professionals to ensure you have an easy time during those difficult moments you have lost your loved one.    ...

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