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Posts by Bobby Thomas

Plan your final journey

By on Mar 15, 2017 in funeral planning |

There are only two things certain in life. One is that all living beings have to die one day. The second this is that until the day you die, you have to live. Therefore, one has to plan well for the eventuality. The Casket Gallery and Cremation Service in Florida believes in this logic. It is always a great idea to arrange for one’s funeral when the person is alive. In this way, you will cease to become a burden on others. You have to admit the fact that the funeral expenses can be very heavy at times. Therefore, planning for the same is not at all foolhardy as many people think it to be. You can always call on the Casket Gallery and order the casket in advance. They have such a provision in their style of functioning. This Company has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best caskets in town. They cater to all kinds of caskets right from the hardwood caskets, steel caskets, pet caskets, and baby caskets, etc. You get these caskets at varying costs. In addition to the manufacturing of caskets, this Company offers cremation services too. The best part of this exercise is that they offer these services at a discount. A grieving family is normally not in a position to bargain for anything. That does not mean that someone should exploit them. Therefore, it always makes sense to plan for exigencies. This Company does not believe in such wrong business ethics. No one likes to die and leave this world. However, no one can escape this eventuality, however important and powerful he or she may be. Therefore, this one trade can never run out of business in any way. This company understands this fact and thus, treats its clients in the most compassionate manner...

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Planning Your Own Funeral; What You Can Do

By on Feb 11, 2017 in funeral planning, Funeral Planning News |

Planning your own funeral may seem a bit morbid but it actually takes the strain and heartache from your loved ones. As we age, one begins to consider funeral expenses and what they might like to see take place. Taking time to plan out aspects of your funeral will take away some of the burden from loved ones and will give you peace of mind knowing you will be laid to rest as you see fit. Meet with Funeral Home To begin, you can meet with a local funeral home and discuss your options. Many funeral homes offer planning options for the living so that you can choose what you would like, from cremation to casket and the actual funeral itself. You basically go through the process of funeral planning as you would if you were no longer living. It may sound odd but it is a common practice and something that can save money for your loved ones in the long run. Many funeral homes will offer payment plans or you can pay a large sum to be used for your funeral when you pass. Choose the casket you would like or urn if being cremated as well as have plans for music, flowers, etc. Talking with Family Members If you do plan on taking care of your funeral services, it is recommended that you let your family members know of your plans. They should know that you have taken care of plans as well as payment, if you have done so. This way, your family knows that you have taken care of what needs to be done so they do not have to focus on this hard part of losing a loved one. Such companies as Casket Gallery & Cremation Service of Florida make it easy for funeral planning. Feel at ease working with professionals in the funeral industry to provide peace of mind when handling your own funeral planning or that of a loved...

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Preparing Your Own Funeral

By on Jan 12, 2017 in Funeral Planning News, Obituaries |

Everyone will leave this earth eventually, but the subject of death is so taboo that most people do not want to talk about it. However, there are those who are okay with the idea of death and actively prepare their own funeral to avoid leaving this burden to others. But how do you prepare for you own funeral? Below is a basic guide on ways you can take away the stress of your death from your loved ones by taking preparations into your own hands. To begin, you will need to decide how you wish to be buried. Do you want to be placed in a casket or be cremated? If you wish to be placed in a casket, you will need to choose one that you like. Caskets come in all shapes and sizes as well as materials such as wood and steel, plus colors. Take a look at caskets located at the Casket Gallery & Cremation Service of Florida to see what you might like. If you choose cremation, you will need to decide on a container such as a vase to hold your ashes for loved ones. You must also consider the actual service. Do you wish to have a viewing and then burial service? If so, you can work with a funeral home to set up plans as to what you wish to see take place. You can handle all the small details such as music and photos so that your family has less work to do with your passing. The funeral home will be able to assist you with what steps you can take to ease this burden from your family. It may seem morbid but many family members appreciate others taking matters into their own hands and planning funeral services. Talk with your family about your plans and get their feelings on the matter to see if they are okay with you making plans so they do not have...

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Cremation – A Way to Peacefully Depart with Our Loved Ones

By on Dec 18, 2016 in Cremation |

Losing a loved one can be the hardest thing anyone can encounter. But most often we want them to go with full respect and with the needed distinction they deserve. One way of giving this to them is provide them with an immemorial memento that they can have while still physically present here on earth. While burial is the common way to lay our loved ones to rest, cremation is becoming a more accepted way of saying farewell to them. Cremation has some inherent benefits than using the old traditional way which requires an amount of time and investment. More than anything, cremation is less expensive than the traditional burial. With traditional burial requiring caskets and a burial plot, cremation however requires nothing more than a beautiful urn where the ashes of the departed can be kept. Also it is mandatory for a traditional burial to have funeral services which additionally costs some money. Cremation just needs a columbarium niche in the cemetery where the ashes can be laid. Also, cremation saves land use. This can be true as with the traditional burial, a cemetery can be filled with caskets, although nowadays, it can be typical for families to bury their loved ones in multiple cremation urns and rest them in one columbarium. Cremation also does not require the elaborate ceremonies that are often necessary for the traditional burial so it can be much simpler. Cremation is also becoming a preference for most Americans because it is a quick and clean way of disposing a body which can be reassuring for most people. It is a more dignified way of saying farewell to our loved ones than the traditional concept of a body slowly decomposing underground in a casket. Though most people does not exactly know why they would prefer to be cremated, but it is becoming a preference than the traditional one. For funeral arrangements or cremation services, Casket Gallery and Cremation Services, located in Orlando, FL can provide you with the assistance you need. They provide beautiful crafted caskets and cremation urns that would give your loved ones a special resting place they...

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Choosing Between Wood and steel Caskets

By on Oct 11, 2016 in Featured Products |

Choosing Between Wood and steel Caskets Metal and wood are the two main types of caskets. Nowadays there are also green ones, made from natural, more biodegradable, products. However, the majority of people still go for either metal or wood. It is important to look at the factors you need to consider when choosing between the two. A casket is more than just a rectangular container. It often serves as the focal point of the ceremony. It may be designed to honor the departed. Therefore aesthetics may play a role in the choice of coffin and the materials used to make it. Wood Caskets Wood affords the conventional look of a coffin, and is considered to have more personality than metal coffins. Those sentiments are probably more likely to be held by those who have an affinity for natural products. There are different types of wood varieties. Each type of word has its own aesthetic personality. The main types of wood varieties may include, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Oak, Mahogany, amongst others. When buying a wood coffin, you can choose the type of finish you want. Some are highly polished, while others have a satin finish. Steel Caskets Steel caskets may vary in thickness and also style. The main advantage of steel is that it can be sealed to ensure no outside elements can get into the coffin. The sealer around it, is stronger than that on a wood casket. If you are looking for unique personalization features, steel is one of the best choices. Steel coffins come in many different colors and finishes. You may choose between standard steel and stainless steel. Standard steel is more affordable. Stainless steel is considerably more expensive, it is more durable. Casket Gallery offers a wide range of caskets to choose from. Other than Wood and metal caskets, we also have baby caskets and even pet...

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