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Posts made in August, 2016

The Different Types Of Caskets For a Burial Event

By on Aug 16, 2016 in funeral planning, Funeral Planning News |

Sending off a loved one to rest in peace is never an easy thing to do as there is always a lot of emotional pressure involved, exhaustion, and confusion. Buying a casket or coffin is a major aspect of making funeral arrangements, and it perhaps also happens to be the biggest purchase for the burial event. Given the nature of the situation, most people make funeral arrangements with a mind that is not necessarily rational. To avoid such, here is a list of the different types of caskets in Orlando, FL. Metal caskets The metal caskets are mostly made of bronze, copper, or stainless steel. They are also priced depending on how much weight they have per square foot. These caskets are also differentiated by their thickness. Oversized caskets Since obesity is a worldwide epidemic, there has been an increased demand of oversize casket going up to 51 inches, which are known as the Goliath casket. These can work pretty well for oversized bodies. Wooden caskets Most caskets are made from hardwood such as oak, mahogany, cherry, cottonwood, ash, walnut, elm, maple and poplar. If you cherish the beauty and warmth of natural wood, you may want to have a hand sculpted, high glossed, and polished wooden casket to give that visual appeal. Jewish caskets Jews have a special kind of burial container; they require it to be as simple and natural as possible without having any kinds of metal. Pine coffins compared to the other different types of caskets are the best fit for Jewish funerals, hence should not contain any fancy handles or ornate fittings. Cremation caskets These are for holding the deceased’s body during the service prior to cremation. It can either be simple and inexpensive or expensive, all together. If you are looking into buying a casket, you now have some options to choose from the different types of caskets. Contact Casket Gallery & Cremation Service for more information on what they have to...

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